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Fly Fusion Series Short (S3) - Pure High

Fly Fusion Series Short (S3) - Pure High 3000 Views

Fly Fusion Magazine editors Derek Bird and Jim McLennan plan to fish a well-known stream, but due to fire closures, they end up high in the Rockies on a small lake at the base of a towering peak. This episode features a spectacular ride into a place where the hosts experience spectacular fishing. This is one of those experiences where plan B makes a person forget there was any other plan. A very special thank-you to the very generous and kind folks at The Lodge At Panther River for accomodating Fly Fusion's plan B. A lodge staff member, and passionate fly angler, caught up with the series crew in the lodge's parking lot. It was he who told us about the alpine lake, helicopter and this wonderful family-run lodge. What a wonderful experience this backup plan was.

Tags: fly fusion, trout, lakes, jim mclennan, derek bird

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